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 PriorityStart!                    Intelligent, Automatic Battery Isolation


Protect against flat batteries!

Tested and proven on many thousands of applications - automotive, industrial and marine!

Emergency services vehicles

Local authority vehicles

Construction equipment

Commercial vehicles (up to 1000 amps)


Cars, classic, kit and competition

Motor homes

Farming equipment

Boats - leisure and commercial

PriorityStart! 12-volt Replaced By Pro-Series

Car Drivers, Motor home owners, Farmers - No looking for help or waiting for breakdown services. Stay safely inside your vehicle and turn the key to reconnect!. No lifting the bonnet or attaching dangerous jump leads. No buttons or switches to push. Pays for itself the first time used - it saves you, ready to protect you every time you need it.

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PriorityStart! Marine

Boat Owners - Avoid the senseless and dangerous death of a boat battery! Don't get stuck dead in the water. Don't let a dead battery put your safety in jeopardy. Let PriorityStart! give you the peace of mind you deserve!

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PriorityStart! 24-volt

24 Volt Fleet operators, local authorities, construction - no costly, inconvenient and time consuming call-outs if drivers leave lights on or other power-draining equipment.  Tachographs remain powered and unaffected.

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Suitable for vehicles having less than 1000 amps cranking current

PriorityStart! 12-volt


12 Volt Fleet Operators, vans, Emergency Services - Ensure vehicle availability to maximise operational efficiency.  Specially designed for police, ambulance, fire, security vehicles, in fact any vehicle with multiple electronic accessories.

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Prevent flat batteries! Maintain engine starting power! When the engine is not running PriorityStart monitors battery voltage and automatically disconnects any undesired drain as the voltage reduces. Just turn on the ignition, step on the brake pedal or operate the headlight switch and it automatically reconnects.  Nothing to remember, nothing to do - fully automatic engine starting protection! When it comes to batteries - starting is the priority!

PriorityStart operates only when accidental deep discharge of vehicle or marine batteries is taking place, providing automatic starting assurance for convenience, security, safety and cost saving.